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Established in the United States of America, Motherlines has operations all over the world. Its regional headquarter is located in Dubai which serves as the hub of Western Asia. We have in place a wide network of our own international offices and affiliates dedicated to serve importers & exporters around the world.

Professionally qualified to manage shipments by Air, Ocean and Sea/Air combination, we examine client's transport requirements and provide the routing & methods best suitable for their purpose. Our staffs can design a customized logistics program to meet the unique needs of your company, your customers and your budget. If you already have an existing logistics department, we will work with your staffs as their third party support group or we can manage your company's entire logistic function, whether on-site or off-site.

The group, an IATA/FIATA accredited operator and service provider, has its presence in over 25 nations around the globe. We are employing more than 300 direct and 40 associated staffs. The resource pool of the group (infrastructure, networking, consultancy, human resource and technical skills) is rich with talent and know-how.

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Services   |   Worldwide Network   |   Cargo Tracking   |   Rate Request   |   Shipping Term & Formula   |   Currency Conversion   |   Career Opportunity

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